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We take our ESG responsibilities seriously.

ESG is more than a box ticking exercise, it embodies a philosophy and approach that starts with the Board of Directors and permeates every aspect of our daily operations. As our projects progress, we recognise that our ESG commitments must also adapt to ensure they are fit for purpose. ESG is an opportunity to deliver better mining projects and outperform our peers.


Regulatory oversight for mining operations in Idaho is largely managed by the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL). The IDL outlines a series a Best Management Practices (BMPs) for mining in the state. The BMPs are intended as a reference guide containing standardized practices and procedures designed to mitigate the impacts of service disturbing activities. We will endeavour to comply with these BMPs as a minimum and will constantly strive to improve our environmental performance and reduce our impacts. We will actively demonstrate, document and publicly disclose our track record in this area.


Early and effective consultation in the communities in which we operate is critical to future project success. In this regard we must identify and communicate potential environmental and social impacts and provide solutions to address these impacts and address community concerns. Managing and addressing these concerns is critical if we are to maintain a social licence to operate. Transparency and integrity are critical to building long standing relationships and long-term project sustainability.


Corporate governance is a key driver of company performance. The standard of corporate governance adopted by the company is largely determined by its Company’s directors and officers.

Information in relation to the Company’s Corporate Governance is outlined in three key documents. These include the Corporate Governance Plan, Corporate Government Statement and the Company’s Constitution.

The Corporate Governance Plan outlines several charters and policies relevant to the company’s day to day operations. A copy of the Plan can be found here.

The Corporate Governance Statement discloses the extent to which the Company follows the ASX’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations – 4th Edition (Recommendations)

The Recommendations are not mandatory. If the company has chosen not to follow a Recommendation, this is identified and reasons for not following are provided. Where alternative governance practices have been adopted in lieu of the recommendation these alternate practices are disclosed. A copy of the Statement can be found here.

The Company Constitution is a legal document that defines how the company operates. It also sets out the rights and duties of people in the company, such as members, directors and the company secretary. A copy of the Constitution can be found here.

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