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Project Overview

The Cyclone Project* is in Quebec’s James Bay region and centred on the Aquilon Greenstone Belt The Project encompasses 130km² (13,166 ha) and includes 304 claims. Located within Category-III lands, the Cyclone Project does not carry any restrictions relating to mining or exploration according to the James Bay Agreement. The Project area is easily accessible year-round via the Trans Taiga Road, which transects the southern part of the Project area. The north-western portion of the Project area is proximal to the La Forge 1 Road.

* Acquisition of the Cyclone Lithium Project by the Company is subject to shareholder approval. For further information see ASX release dated 17 February 2023.

Project Setting

The James Bay region is rapidly developing into a world class lithium, caesium, tantalum (LCT) pegmatite district. Patriot Battery Metals Inc (TSX-V:PMET) (Corvette), Winsome Resources Limited (ASX: WR1) (Adina & Cancet Projects) and Cosmos Exploration Limited (ASX: C1X) (Corvette Far East), among others, are all actively exploring in the area. The Cyclone Project is immediately adjacent to Sirios Resources (TSX-V: SOI) (Aquilon Gold Project).


The Cyclone Project is within the La Grande Sub province, a subdivision of the Superior Province. Within the Project area are two folded Greenstone belts. These include:

  • The northern La Forge Greenstone Belt which consists of paragneisses with minor conglomerates and felsic tuffs.
  • The southern Aquilon Greenstone Belt which consist of metabasalts, komatiites, metasediments and calc alkaline felsic rocks.

The Aquilon Belt (Cyclone Project) varies in width from 2 – 5 km and is over 50 km long. Lithologies include tholeiitic metabasalts, ultramafic lavas, iron formation, metasediments and felsic volcanics. Plutonic rock of varying composition along with quartz veins, diabase and pegmatitic dykes crosscut rocks of the volcano sedimentary basin. Lithologies have undergone considerable deformation, faulting, and folding.

Lithium Mineralisation

Geochemical sampling at the Cyclone Project for lithium mineralisation is limited. Historical data did not include analyses for lithium or typical LCT pegmatite ‘pathfinders’ Government and industry mapping previously identified several ‘pegmatites’ throughout the Aquilon Greenstone belt, including a large (> 1km long) pegmatite within the adjacent Aquilon Project of Sirios Resources.

The unsampled (and poorly documented) pegmatites host significant potential for LCT mineralisation. Recent discoveries within the region include PMET’s Corvette Project and WR1’s Adina and Cancet Projects. In December 2022, C1X reached a conditional agreement to acquire the Corvette Far East Project which is 20km east of the PMET Corvette Project and within the same greenstone belt.

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