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Project Overview

The K Project* is in Quebec’s James Bay region, 10 km east of the (north-south) James Bay Road / Billy-Diamond Highway, ca. 90km south of Raddison, on Lac Kaychikutinaw. The Project covers approximately 16km2 (1,598 ha) and includes 35 claims within the La Grande Sub province.

The K Project is 40 km southeast of Q2 Metals’ Mia Lithium Project (TSX-V: QTWO), Ophir Gold’s Radis Lithium Project (TSX-V: OPHR) and 30 km from Recharge Metals’ Wapistan Project (ASX: REC) and is adjacent to the Elrond Project owned by Midland Exploration Inc. (TSX-V: MD).

* For further information see ASX release dated 18 September 2023.

Project Setting

Locally, rocks are granitic intrusions of the ‘Vieux Comptoir Granitic Suite’. This suite comprises 3 subdivisions including ‘Suite 3: Spodumene Granite’ – the exact host rock (nAvcr3) for lithium mineralisation on a number of known deposits/occurrences in James Bay region including Corvette (TSXV: PMET), Cancet, Adina (ASX: WR1), Mia 1&2 (TSXV: QTWO).


Historical field observations and samples. Observations indicate pegmatites are present on the property. Highly anomalous levels of lithium (Li) along with elevated levels of caesium (Cs), tantalum (Ta) and rubidium (Rb) are ubiquitous indicators of LCT-type pegmatites fertile for lithium mineralisation.

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